Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maisie Toot ::Part 6:: Adding privacy film to the camper windows :: Travel trailer camper turned glamper renovation and remodel

Privacy is a big concern when camping.  SO many people walking by your campsite, especially if you stay at a KOA type campground as opposed to a remote campsite in the woods.

We love the windows in the bunk area of Maisie, but we were not thrilled at the prospect of creapers watching us slumber (or get (un)dressed ).
As you can imagine from the photo of Maisie at night below.

We initially planned on curtains in the sleeping area windows (the same type as we did in the rest of the camper.), but we soon realized that one wrong move, or roll over (or wrestle) and there was a huge probability of the curtains getting yanked down from their brackets.
Plus, we are going to be camping with our three boys.
The probability of something like that happening increases exponentially when you add boys into the equation.

SO, we ended up finding a killer deal on Zulily for $5 white lace designed privacy film.  It's by Con-tact and it was just what we were looking for!  A bit of privacy (but NOT darkness )while continuing the pretty design we were hoping to perpetuate in decorating our girl.

It was just about the perfect height for the windows, leaving just a 1 inch gap at the top of each window, which really wasn't the end of the world.  If we had been picky, we could have added an extra piece to fill in that gap, but we weren't.

We taped the paper into place on the outside of the windows to measure and trim the film around the rounded corner.  ( those damn rounded corners again! )

When we were satisfied with the shape of the trimmed film, we cleaned the windows with Windex and let them dry... then we applied the film to the inside of the windows.

It is just what we were looking for.  The film added privacy, while continuing to allow beautiful day light to flood into the camper. 

And since each of the windows has a screen, we can still open the windows and have the breeze blow over us while we sleep... without worrying about peeping Toms!

OK!  That's it!  The last project. (at least for now). 

Now comes our favorite part.  Decorating and moving in!  


We hope that you come back to see the future renovations that we have planned for our girl!

We are so excited!

Truly, Julia and Laura 

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