Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maisie Toot ::Part 2 Removing the things we don't want and recovering cushions:: Travel trailer camper turned glamper renovation and remodel

The amount of anxiety that the prints of the upholstery and window treatments in Maisie Toot caused us (me specifically) was ridiculous. 
I have no idea who thought that the typical haphazard prints and muted, unpleasant colors and fabrics that are used in campers was a good idea... but I do know that they were the first thing to end up in a garbage bag when we first set foot in Maisie and got down to work.

We did however decide to save two of the couch/dinette cushions.  The longer side ones that are simple rectangles.

We had a flat sheet that was part of the set for the bottom bunk bed that we weren't going to use and we decided that it would make the perfect replacement fabric to re-cover those two cushions.

Laura measured and cut the fabric to the proper dimensions and we stitched them up into a pillow case of sorts.

Laura is quite the seamstress and was able to create square seams at the bottom corners of the pillowcase allowing for a more fitted look.

We wanted to be able to remove the covers easily for washing, so we left extra fabric at the opening of the pillowcase and this allowed for us to fold and pin the fabric with safety pins to close the pillowcase.

We decided to fold it like you would fold the edge of a gift that you were wrapping.

It worked perfectly! (see pics below).

By the time that we were done with the recovering of the cushions, were so sick of the awful colors and textures, that we brought in the majority of pretty pillows that we had collected for Maisie and put them in the sitting area (along with the newly recovered cushions) just to have something pretty to look at while we tackled the rest of the projects.
Calming shades of purple and blue and green and grey.
Ahhh, that feels so much better already.

*I'm assuming that some of you are having concerns over our mental stability after reading this.
I swear, we are fine.
Or at least we thing we are.  WINK.

Looking back on it, it was probably not the smartest idea to have our nice pillows in the camper during remodeling.  We had to dust them off, and move them from one spot to another more than once over the course of the days depending on what we were working on.

But, they still made us smile.
And that part was worth it. 

We had a handy screw driver that, if you are wondering... is basically the only required tool for removing things from a camper.  

Every. Single. Thing. was attached with Philip screws and once we got into a rhythm, everything came down quite nicely.

My favorite accessories in Maisie were in the kitchen.  A broken plastic paper towel holder, and a handy under-cabinet mounted paper plate dispenser.

Umm, just NO.

I do, obviously get the convenience of these things, but I don't want to be staring at them.  Maisie has a ton of cupboards where plates and towels can be stored and that is where they will be when and if we decide to have paper towels and plates.

We also removed the bedroom curtain and the shower curtain with ease.

And the last step of clean out for Maisie Toot was to remove and clean all of the filters in the air conditioner, the bathroom vent, and the sky light.


To do this, we just soaked them in the bath with bleach and hot water, then we ran water through the filters until they ran clear.  

We must mention that our boys have a complete blast in the camper. They adore the bunks and have been incredibly helpful and patient while their mothers tear this "perfectly fine as it is" (as the older boys out it) camper apart.  Only to be put back together.

The final thing that we did that day was to put up the bedroom division curtain and the shower curtain.
It's amazing what a little pretty fabric can do.

We did do two videos for these projects in this post.

Removing the valances and windows
Removal of the privacy curtains

The next project will be painting.
This one is going to take a while.


We hope that you come back to see the future renovations that we have planned for our girl!

We are so excited!

Truly, Julia and Laura